Dr Manmohan Singh, the architect of India’s first wave of market-oriented reforms in the 1990s, brought innovation to India Finally the govemment is taking steps in the right directions;. The reforms have come at a time when investor sentiment is down the drain . Speaking to ministers and advisers in New Delhi, Dr. Singh while he talked about surviving flagging economic growth, improving the investment climate and boosting public finances in India, has gave the green light to a foreign supermarket chain to enter the country as an economic reform. The govemment of Dr. Singh has taken many decisions to bolster economic growth and make India a more attractive destination for the global players for foreign investment.

The Indian government also relaxed investment rules in the aviation sector to allow foreign airlines for the first time. Dr. Singh’s accomplishments are extraordinary as the India that existed when he took office in 1991 was an inefficient, centrally planned economy and struggling to redistribute the country’s wealth to combat poverty. Twenty years later, India boasts a globalized economy with a dynamic business culture. Today, India competes on its own terms and pulls more than 10 million people out of poverty every year under the leadership of Dr. Singh. He has done the most to make this possible, clearly determined to consolidate his legacy after a spot of financial crisis. India and the world will watch him with hope for peace and prosperity.

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