Founded by leading executives from the media and financial industries, TM owns and operates TV KONA, a unique global IPTV and digital community management platform where content and communities intersect, interact, and bond on TV, PC, and mobile devices. TMs unique KYC (Know Your Community) Marketing approach builds new cross-border and cross-community markets, and maximizes utility for content providers, end-users, advertisers, and infrastructure providers alike. Even the most underserved communities can access the media and interactive experience of their choice.

In its mission to deliver the content and interactive tools in greatest demand by end-user communities, TM utilizes a portfolio of proprietary new media technology products that provide end-to-end CMS, SMS, DRM, Billing/Payments Collection, Search, and content marketing functionality, including TV KONA Middleware MEDIA PAY and Intelligent Ad Delivery. TM is a privately held, licensed stock company headquartered in Japan, with offices and facilities in Japan, Pakistan, Dubai, Africa and India. We communicate and work in English, Japanese,Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic..

TV KONA is the leading platform in IPTV which amplifies the TV experience. When you subscribe with us, you get your favorite TV shows, Sports, Cricket, linear channels, movies and many more on both TV, PC Linear Channels, video on demand (VOD), subscription video on demand (SVOD), Local Production, and live events converse to give underserved consumers a new range of options for their video content experience.

Brand-value content providers, telcos, ISPs and underserved user communities all turn to TV-KONA for their new entertainment experience.

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