IPTV brings new levels of control and flexibility to TV distribution.IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. An IPTV system deployed within a business enables hundreds of channels of TV and video to be viewed on an unlimited number of TVs and PCs connected to your existing data network.
The TV or video signals are converted into streams of data which pass over the network in the same way as other data traffic. A particular form of transmission known as IP multicasting is used to minimize the demand on network bandwidth. At the viewing point, all the available sources are listed and controls are provided to select which source is viewed.?TVs are connected to your network by a small IP Receiver controlled using an infra red remote control handset. PC users do not require any additional hardware and select channels using a control panel displayed on the PC screen. The channel is viewed via a media player such as Windows Media Player and can be displayed as a small sizeable window or full screen.

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