The Non Resident Nepalis (NRNs) committed to a vision of making Nepal a peaceful and prosperous nation have formed Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). It is an association committed to create a global network of various Nepali associations and streamline their energy and resources so as to make the Diaspora a catalyst of economic and social transformation of our motherland. The Association was formed during the First Non Resident Nepali Conference on 11 October 2003.

The objective of this Association shall be to foster closer relationship and cooperation among the NRN community spread all over the world and between the NRN community and Nepal. The Association shall strive to contribute to the overall development of Nepal. In this context, NRN refers to both people of Nepali origin who have acquired foreign citizenship and people of Nepali origin who currently hold Nepali passport but who have lived outside India and Bhutan for a period of more than 182 days by representing and promoting their interests both in Nepal and abroad. To this end, the Association shall:

a. Promote Nepal and generate support for its interest in countries of their residence and at international organizations
b. Facilitate and attract NRN and foreign investment in Nepal
c. Strive to create conditions conducive to investment by the NRN in Nepal and the utilization in Nepal of the talents and skills of the NRN
d. Foster closer co-operation among the NRN communities scattered in different parts of the world and
e. Function as an international forum for the promotion and protection of the interests of the NRN communities both in Nepal and abroad.

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